Our bodies are constantly breaking down and rebuilding. This is a natural chemical process that occurs to the skin, bones, muscles, and many other organ systems. In younger individuals, the rebuilding occurs much faster than the breaking down. As we age however, this relationship begins to work inversely. In the last 12 years, Fit Body […]

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As you continue your climb to be a healthier you, it’s important to note that your workouts and nutrition can be increasingly more challenging if you deprive yourself of sleep. That’s self explanatory but what isn’t is the work of the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Both are related to sleep and hunger control. Ghrelin is […]

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1. The alarm clock you set to fit in an hour of exercise before work goes off. You… A. Get out of bed, put on your shoes and slip out the door within minutes. (3pts) B. Roll over and go back to sleep. You’ll work out tomorrow. (1pt) C. Manage 30 minutes on the exercise […]

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What does organic mean? Organic foods must be at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients. Any food labeled, “USDA Organic” was grown without the aid of genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, or sewage sludge (yes, it’s what you think it is), and without pesticides disallowed for organic agriculture by the USDA. If it’s meat, the animal […]

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Summer bliss is watching a pair of 6-year-olds cavorting—really, there’s no better word—under a sprinkler, buck naked and utterly unself-conscious. My daughter and her best friend are one with their bodies. But in a few years, they’ll think twice about ripping off wet play clothes in the backyard. They’ll view their bodies as a thing […]

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There are a few different ways to gauge your health. Listed below are some healthy ranges that you should strive to be within. Blood Pressure: 90/60- 120/80 Resting Heart Rate: 60-100 beats/minute Cholesterol: LDL below 100, HDL above 50 Fasting Blood Glucose: 70-100

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1. Brainpower Booster- Changing the direction you walk- forward, backward or sideways keeps your mind alert, turns up the calorie burn and will engage some underused muscles in the legs. This routine is best done using a track most high school track are 1 lap = 1/4 mile. 1st lap warm-up regular walk 2nd lap […]

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1. Find Partners. Exercise and be active with a friend. 2. Focus on Nutrition. At least 70% of the calories consumed by Americans come from food that is either animal based or highly processed. Nothing would make me happier this year than to see my clients eating 70% unprocessed or plant based foods. 3. Get […]

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Friend love: Having good pals is associated with lower blood pressure and heart rate. Pet Love: Pet owners live longer after a heart attack than those that don’t have little critters to tend to. Romantic love: Women who had hugs from their sweeties had lower blood pressure in one study; on the other hand, people […]

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You know to eat right and keep your weight down. Maybe you didn’t know, it’s all about your blood sugar. Your body responds to high blood sugar by pumping out more insulin to try to turn that sugar into energy. Too much insulin raises your triglycerides and causes inflammation of the arteries, making them more […]

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