What others are saying…

“As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERtm practitioner, I know the benefits of investing for the long term to achieve financial goals.  The same holds true when investing for a healthy future.  Sasha has helped me over the last several years reap the benefits from a diversified fitness routine. Having a great coach insures that I am getting the most for my time and money. Now getting older truly does mean I am getting better!  Thanks to Sasha”

Julie Finney, CFP®, CRPC®, FLMI
TM practitioner

“Sasha has helped me regain my strength and improve my balance. I only wish I would have worked with her earlier.”
Nancy, age 83

“Sasha has a great ability to make workouts both challenging and fun. She has even helped our golf game.”
Jim 51 and Laura 43

“After I had my first child, I could not lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. Then I began working with Sasha. The weight came off, and I was back in buisness suits in no time.”
Lisa age 41

“My eighty-eight year old vibrant and very intelligent mother-in-law had been falling all the more frequently. She absolutely resisted anything that would help her frail body with balance and strength. As a “lady” she simply abhorred the idea of exercise, always had, always would. After an icu stay with a sub-dural hematoma from a fall, we virtually insisted she see Sasha, who understood the whole picture. Sasha has a long history of successful work with resistant elderly people who want nothing to do with an exercise program. Sasha was willing to visit her in her retirement community. My mother-in-law loved her from the start, as hard as that was for her to admit. Sasha designed dignified sorts of “games” that made my mother-in-law laugh, participate, and even, incredibly, practice. She grew to feel more confident in her improving balance, so began walking more, strengthening terribly under-used muscles. She now wears apedometer and brags about walking 1000 feet per day, possibly four times that which she used to do. She hasn’t fallen. We figure that sasha has added years to her life, made it so much less likely that she’ll have one of those falls that leads to a downward spiral.”
-j. Katze

“Sasha has been terrific for the enhancement of flexibility and strength for our golf game.”
Stephanie 21 and Greg 19

“After 8 years together Sasha continues to keep my workouts dynamic and challenging”
Georgianna age 55

“I loved boot camp! It was very challenging but, also so much fun. It motivated me to keep up with workouts on my own.”
Talya, Age:30ish

“I realized that even though I am not as fit as I want to be, that I could push myself to a level I never thought possible.  I lost one whole size, about 7lbs!”
Shelagh Hafner, Age: 41

“I had a good time and it gave me more exercises to do on my own!”
Sophie, Age: 31

“I’ve been training with Sasha since July 2009. It is now 11 months later and what an amazing difference I have seen the past year. It’s under Sasha’s guidance that I’ve become leaner and more sculpted. She has helped me make healthier food choices as I’ve completely changed my diet, and she has motivated me to continue working out. I’m 40 years old and I’ve never felt as good as I do now.

Building a more fit body has increased my confidence, and I see now that a having a healthy body is integral to having a healthy and confident state of mind. As well, my girlfriend of the past 5 months loves how I look and she says I’m hot!

If you’re ready to make a serious change in your physical well being, and are committed to that task, then go see Sasha. She’ll lead the way for you to achieve your fitness goals.”