Is Small Group Training for me?

Are you looking to save money?

With Small Group Training, you pay about half the price of an average personal training session rate.

Are you looking for a partner to train with but can’t find one?

With Small Group Training, we partner you up with other people so you don’t have to look for a partner
Would you like to lock in your training rates?

If you are frustrated because your training partners keep flaking on you, you no longer have to worry about rates fluctuating as it’s always the same.
Are you currently doing 30 minute training sessions with a trainer but want more?

With Small Group Training you can get a full hour workout for the same price.
What is Small Group Training?

  • Small group training has similar benefits of 1-1 personal training at a fraction of the cost.
  • Small group training is in groups of up to 5 people at predetermined times and days with one of our expert trainers.

With Small Group Training you:

  • Get the same great training as personal training, but at about half the price
  • Get the ability to partner up and train with up to 4 more people
  • Never have to worry about your rates changing
  • Can train for an hour at the same price as your half hour session